Abo multiple allele worksheet #1 writing and balancing formula equations answers

The ABO blood group system in humans contains examples of a.

Abo multiple allele worksheet #1 writing and balancing formula equations answers

Purple flowers because of complementation-- the F1 will be heterozygous for each gene. Remember that a mutation in the last gene in the pathway can only be rescued by the final product; a mutation in the next-to-last gene can be rescued by the last two compounds in the pathway, etc.

Thus, the pathway is: If these compounds are intermediates in a linear pathway, we'd expect that one of them should rescue more than one mutation. For instance, in Q.

B is required for any color, so it must be required for conversion of white to color -- it is epistatic to A and to C. A appears to be required for conversion of a red intermediate to orange -- absence of A gives a red color instead of orange.

C is not required for pigment production, but rather, appears to be needed to prevent pigment production in a portion of the flower, keeping that portion white. B- and C- have opposite phenotypes no color vs. Putting all this together, we can come up with at least two pathways that can each explain the data -- one in which C regulates B directly, and one in which C acts to convert some pigmented areas back to white.

Clearly, in either model, there must be some other gene that controls which portion of the flower are gong to express C to make white and which repress C to allow color.

An alternative pathway-- -- is also possible, but the cln-sic- double mutant phenotype argues against it. This double mutant shows too much DNA synthesis.

So the data are most consistent with the pathway at the top. Recombination between the two loci would give lone spots of the recessive phenotype of the more centromere-distal locus, while recombination between the centromere and the two loci would give twin spots.

From this logic, we can conclude that the rd locus must be closer to the centromere than the b locus. An alternative explanation for the lone spots is mitotic nondisjunction, but that wouldn't explain the twin spots. The most distal markers must be y and g. Because yellow and rough are seen in twin spots with each other, but not with mottled or sparse--therefore, the y and r genes must lie on one arm of the chromosome.

Likewise, m and g must lie on the other arm of the chromosome. Therefore, the gene order on the chromosome is: The strain described in lecture had the dominant alleles for yellow and singed in trans. If the dominant alleles are in cis, a crossover between the centromere and the teo genes can give a single spot that has both recessive phenotypes: If a recombinant sector has phenotype a alone, then the crossover must have occurred between a and all the other genes; if a sector has phenotypes a and b, then b must be between a and all the other genes, etc.

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The number of generations needed to give the final number of cells can be deduced from the expression: In the first generation, there is one cell dividing, so there is one division.

In the second generation, there are two cells dividing, so there are two divisions in this generation; in the third generation, there are 4 cells dividing, so there are 4 divisions. The tumor was derived from a single cell that had one X chromosome inactivated; since X inactivation is stably propagated through mitosis, all daughters of that cell have the same inactive X.

There must have been more than one genetic change in the history of the tissue culture cells. For example, the cells had to go through crisis to become immortalized, a process which probably involved some genetic change. A mutation that results in the erbB protein behaving as though it had bound to a growth factor even in the absence of the growth factor could cause the cell to begin dividing in the absence of growth factor.

If other regulatory mechanisms are also abrogated by unrelated eventsthe cell or its descendants could become malignant.

abo multiple allele worksheet #1 writing and balancing formula equations answers

However, even if this allele fails to make functional protein B, the other allele if it is wildtype can still make functional Protein B and block Protein A. One of the parents must have an inversion such that the recombination products are inviable. Note that the gene order shown is arbitrary; the question does not give information on the correct gene order or even which parent had the inversion.

All we can say is that there must have been an odd number of crossovers in the inversion loop.Your shopping cart is empty!. Science Fact File Balancing equations When balancing equations. H2O represents O H H H CH4 represents H C H H Fig 1.

Therefore. two H atoms and two chlorine atoms.1 Writing formulae O H H ؉ H H H ؉ O O O H H H 1. In a balanced equation. a the word equation b the balanced formula equation.7 Crossword Worksheet 1.

states of each. principle of dominance multiple allele segregation polygenic trait Write the balanced equation also. The reactants of cellular respiration are glucose and oxygen.

The products are carbon dioxide, water, energy (ATP). Biology Summer Assignment The advances in all fields of science seem to come at an exponential rate.

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In garden peas, the allele for tall plant height (T) is dominant over the allele for short plant height (t) and the allele for round seed shape (R) is dominant over the allele for wrinkled seed shape (r).

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