An experience on a tour to notre dame in paris france

Your first visit will be to the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

An experience on a tour to notre dame in paris france

The basilica was about forty meters west of the current cathedral, and was wider and lower, and roughly half its size. In this context, Maurice de Sullywho had been elevated Bishop inhad the old basilica torn down to its foundations, and began to build a larger and taller cathedral.

The design followed the traditional plan, with the ambulatory and choir, where the altar was located, to the east, and the entrance, facing the setting sun, to the west. By long tradition, the choir, where the altar was located, was constructed first, so that the church could be consecrated and used long before it was completed.

The original plan was for a long nave, four levels high, with no transept. The flying buttress was not yet in use, so the walls were thick and reinforced by solid stone abutments placed against them on the outside, and later by chapels placed between the abutments.

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The roof of the nave was constructed with a new technology, the rib vaultwhich had earlier been used in the Basilica of Saint Denis.

The roof of the nave was supported by crossed ribs which divided each vault into six compartments. The pointed arches were stronger than the earlier Romanesque archesand carried the weight of the roof outwards and downwards to rows of pillars, and out to the abutments against the walls.

Construction of the choir took from until around The High Altar was consecrated in Between and the first three traverses of the nave were built up to the level of tribunes. Beginning inthe bases of the facade were put in place, and the first traverses were completed.

The use of simpler four-part rather than six-part rib vaults meant that the roofs were stronger and could be higher. After Bishop Maurice de Sully's death inhis successor, Eudes de Sully unrelated to the previous Bishop oversaw the completion of the transeptsand continued work on the navewhich was nearing completion at the time of his own death in By this time, the western facade was already largely built, though it was not completed until around the mids.

Between and the upper gallery of the nave was constructed, along with the two towers on the west facade. Shortly afterwards from Pierre de Montreuil executed a similar scheme on the southern transept. Both these transept portals were richly embellished with sculpture; the south portal features scenes from the lives of St Stephen and of various local saints, while the north portal featured the infancy of Christ and the story of Theophilus in the tympanum, with a highly influential statue of the Virgin and Child in the trumeau.

Before the buttresses, all of the weight of the roof pressed outward and down to the walls, and the abutments supporting them. With the flying buttress, the weight was carried by the ribs of the vault entirely outside the structure to a series of counter-supports, which were topped with stone pinnacles which gave them greater weight.

The buttresses meant that the walls could be higher and thinner, and could have much larger windows. The date of the first buttresses is not known with any precision; they were installed some time in the 13th century.

The first buttresses were replaced by larger and stronger ones in the 14th century; these had a reach of fifteen meters between the walls and counter-supports.

Nave vaults nearing completion. Portals and nave to the left, choir in the center, and apse and ambulatory to the right. Early six-part rib vaults of the nave. The ribs transferred the thrust of the weight of the roof downward and outwards to the pillars and the supporting buttresses.

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The massive buttresses which counter the outward thrust from the rib vaults of the nave. Later flying buttresses of the apse of Notre-Dame 14th century reached 15 meters from the wall to the counter-supports.

An experience on a tour to notre dame in paris france

Modern history[ edit ] Inrioting Huguenots damaged some of the statues of Notre-Dame, considering them idolatrous. The sanctuary was re-arranged; the choir was largely rebuilt in marble, and many of the stained glass windows from the 12th and 13th century were removed and replaced with white glass windows, to bring more light into the church.

A colossal statue of St Christopher, standing against a pillar near the western entrance and dating fromwas destroyed in The spire, which had been damaged by the wind, was removed in the second part of the 18th century.

Induring the French Revolutionthe cathedral was rededicated to the Cult of Reasonand then to the Cult of the Supreme Being. During this time, many of the treasures of the cathedral were either destroyed or plundered.

The twenty-eight statues of biblical kings located at the west facade, mistaken for statues of French kings, were beheaded.On this tour, you will not just visit Notre Dame, you will experience what makes it such a special church. Then you will venture where ordinary tourists don’t go: the medieval back-streets behind Notre Dame.

Situated in the historical and geographical centre of Paris, right on the edge of the Île de la Cité, the Notre Dame is the symbolic centre of Paris; you cannot be closer to the heart of France than when you are on the doorstep of the Notre Dame.

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