An overview of the life and times of explorer giovanni da verrazano

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An overview of the life and times of explorer giovanni da verrazano

Life and career[ edit ] Origins and voyages to America[ edit ] The consensus amongst scholars is that Giovanni da Verrazzano was born in Val di Grevesouth of Florencethen the capital and main city of the Republic of Florence[4] [5] [6] [7] [8] the son of Piero Andrea di Bernardo da Verrazzano and Fiammetta Cappelli.

Some alternative theories have been elaborated; for example, certain French scholarship assumes that Verrazzano was born in LyonFrance, the son of Alessandro di Bartolommeo da Verrazano and Giovanna Guadagni.

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Love, "Verrazzano always considered himself to be Florentine," [11] and he was considered a Florentine by his contemporaries as well. Afterhe settled in the port of Dieppe in France, where he began his career as a navigator.

Lawrence river in Canada; on other occasions, he made numerous voyages to the eastern Mediterranean. Competition in trade was becoming urgent, especially with Portugal.

King Francis I of France was impelled by French merchants and financiers from Lyon and Rouen who were seeking new trade routes, so he asked Verrazzano in to make plans to explore on France's behalf an area between Florida and Terranova, the "New Found Land"with the goal of finding a sea route to the Pacific Ocean.

Within months, four ships set sail due west for the Grand Banks of Newfoundlandbut a violent storm and rough seas caused the loss of two ships. This time, the ships headed south toward calmer waters, which were under dangerous Spanish and Portuguese control. After a stop in Madeiracomplications forced La Normande back to home port, but Verrazzano's ship La Dauphine departed on January 17,piloted by Antoine de Conflans, and headed once more for the North American continent.

In a letter to Francis I, Verrazzano wrote that he was convinced that the Sound was the beginning of the Pacific Ocean, from which access could be gained to China. This report caused one of many errors in the depiction of North America on contemporary maps. The continent was not fully mapped for hundreds of years.

However, he did not notice the entrances to Chesapeake Bay or the mouth of the Delaware River. In New York Bayhe encountered the Lenape and observed what he deemed to be a large lake, which was in fact the entrance to the Hudson River.

He then sailed along Long Island and entered Narragansett Baywhere he received a delegation of Wampanoag and Narragansett people. The words "Norman villa" are found on the map by Visconte Maggiolo identifying the site. It was probably intended to compliment one of Verrazzano's noble friends.

An overview of the life and times of explorer giovanni da verrazano

There are several places called 'Normanville' in Normandy, France. Verrazzano named the region that he explored Francesca in honor of the French king, but his brother's map labels it Nova Gallia New France.

One ship was separated from the others in a gale near the Cape Verde Islandsbut Verrazzano reached the coast of Brazil with two ships and harvested a cargo of brazilwood before returning to Dieppe in September. The third ship returned later, also with a cargo of brazilwood. In one version, induring his third voyage to North America and after exploring Florida, the Bahamasand the Lesser AntillesVerrazzano anchored out to sea and rowed ashore, probably on the island of Guadeloupe.

He was killed and eaten by the native Carib inhabitants. The information supposedly [24] came from Giovanni da Verrazzano's voyage in Reputation[ edit ] Despite his discoveries, Verrazzano's reputation did not proliferate as much as other explorers of that era; for example, Verrazzano gave the European name Francesca to the new land which he had seen, in accordance with the practices of the time, after the French king in whose name he sailed.Giovanni da Verrazzano was born sometime around in his family’s castle (Castello Verrazzano) in Val di Greve, Italy.

In , Verrazzano moved to Dieppe in the hopes of pursuing a career in navigation. While in Dieppe, he made voyages to the Eastern Mediterranean.

An overview of the life and times of explorer giovanni da verrazano

He spent many years as a. Interesting facts and an overview and description of the life and times and his involvement in the Exploration and the discovery of the New World leading to the colonization of America.

Fact 1: Why was Giovanni da Verrazzano famous and what part of America . The story of Giovanni Da Verrazano He went to France many times in the age and so on. He was ordered by the king of France Francis 1. {unsigned} Giovanni da VerrazZano.

The author of the disputed section claims that the sources used in order to describe the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano as a Frenchman are recent, on . Giovanni Da Verrazano Giovanni da Verrazano was a Florentine explorer and navigator.

Although he was Italian, he was employed by the kind of France to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean.

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The exact date of his birth and death are not known, but historians believe that he was born in , a. The Written Record of the Voyage of of Giovanni da Verrazano as recorded in a letter to Francis I, King of France, July 8th, [Adapted from a translation by Susan Tarrow of the Cellere Codex, in Lawrence C.

Wroth, ed. The Italian navigator and explorer Giovanni da Verrazano (ca. ca. ) made a voyage to North America in , in the service of France, during which he explored and charted the Atlantic coast of North America. Following the Spanish discovery of rich Indian civilizations in Mexico and.

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