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Three recent events might explain the current collapse.

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As others have noted, this is only the beginning: Crypto bros spent most of poking the SEC bear, and now the bear is awake and ready to mete out a world of punishment.

This development might be enough to spook some crypto investors, but it hardly come as a surprise.

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Anyone paying attention to the regulatory space knew this was coming, and so much of the fallout should have been priced into crypto token prices already.

Sure, the fork was messy and created renewed centralization concerns over Bitcoin Cash. This hurt the price of Bitcoin Cash, and possibly spread contagion to the rest of the market.

This leaves a third possibility: Crypto investors got spooked by bad news from chip-makers Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices, which recently reported steep sales declines for cryptocurrency equipment.

The sales declines suggest interest in crypto has waned, and is unlikely to pick up anytime soon. This could explain the chill on crypto asset prices, but also raises a chicken-and-egg question: That would be welcome news for investors, in a sense, because it would mean individual shocks explain the downturn—and markets recover from shocks.

There is, however, a more existential explanation for the collapse: Thanks as always for reading—lots more tidbits to please Hodlers and haters further below.

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