Essay on india the land of festivals

It brings gaiety and mirth thereby strengthening our bond of relationship and friendship. These festivals also promote social interaction and harmony. All nations have their religious and colourful festivals.

Essay on india the land of festivals

Long and Short Essays on Indian Festivals in English

Of the crore Indians, The census of India, defines urban settlement as: A minimum population of persons ; b. A density of population of at least persons per square kilometer The first category of urban units are known as Statutory town.

These were identified on the basis of census data. Cities are urban areas with more thanpopulation. Urban areas beloware called towns in India Similarly Census of India defines: An urban agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths OGsor two or more physically contiguous towns together with or without outgrowths of such towns.

An Urban Agglomeration must consist of at least a statutory town and its total population i. In varying local conditions, there were similar other combinations which have been treated as urban agglomerations satisfying the basic condition of contiguity.

An Out Growth OG is a viable unit such as a village or a hamlet or an enumeration block made up of such village or hamlet and clearly Essay on india the land of festivals in terms of its boundaries and location. Some of the examples are railway colony, university campus, port area, military camps, etc.

While determining the outgrowth of a town, it has been ensured that it possesses the urban features in terms of infrastructure and amenities such as pucca roads, electricity, taps, drainage system for disposal of waste water etc.

Urban development is a state subject. At state level there are respective ministries, but according to 74th Constitutional Amendment act, it is mandatory for every state to form ULBs and devolve power, conduct regular election, etc.

Under 12 schedule of Indian constitution18 such functions have been defined which are to be performed by ULBs and for that states should support the ULBs through finances and decentralization of power, for more autonomy. But this is not uniform throughout all the states and still more is need to be done to empower ULBs in India.

Urban areas are managed by urban local bodies ULBswho look after the service delivery and grievance redressal of citizens. There are eight type of urban local government in India- municipal corporation municipality, notified area committee, town area committee, cantonment board, township, port trust and special purpose agencies.

Migration is the key process underlying growth of urbanisation; and the process of urbanization is closely related with rural to urban migration of people. In most developing countries of the world where rate of urban growth is relatively higher the urban-ward migration is usually high.

Rural to urban migration is by far the major component of urbanisation and is the chief mechanism by which urbanisation trends all the world-over has been accomplished After independence, urbanization in India is increasing at very high pace, but at the same time there are some problems, which are becoming barriers for balance, equitable and inclusive development.

History of Urbanization in India In 88, the first municipal corporation in India was set up at Madras. InMunicipal Corporation were set up in Bombay and Calcutta. In ,a resolution was passed and according to which, panchayat were to be formed at village level, district boards, taluq boards and municipalities also came into existence.

Urbanization since independence has been focused through respective five year plans as follows: First two plan focused on institution and organization building and same was instructed to the states to do.

India: A Land Of Festivals And Fairs Essay Sample These writers made lot of exaggerations to please their patron kings. Everything was written on soft materials like birch bark, palm leaf, paper etc.
Company rule in India - Wikipedia Festivals bring peace and joy to the masses.

Delhi development Authority, Town and country planning organization came during this period. Third plan was turning point in urban planning history, as it emphasized on importance of towns and cities in balanced regional development. So, it advised urban planning to adopt regional approach.

It also emphasized the need for urban land regulation, checking of urban land prices, preparation of master plan, etc. Forth plancontinued with the theme of third plan and development plans for 72 urban areas were undertaken. Regional studies in respect of metropolitan regions around Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta were initiated.

During fifth plan, urban land ceiling act was passed in Narration of Puranas were a part of the annual ritual in every village and town during the rainy season and at the time of festivals. It was treated as a powerful vehicle of awakening of cultural and social consciousness.

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India is a land of festivals and fairs. Virtually celebrating each day of the year, there are more festivals celebrated in India than anywhere else in the world. Each festival pertains to different occasions, some welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest, the rains, or the full moon. Others. India is a land of festivals.

It celebrates numerous religious festivals and three national festivals. Gandhi Jayanti, Republic Day and Independence Day are the three national festivals celebrated in the country.

The Green Revolution in India refers to a period of time when agriculture in India changed to an industrial system due to the adoption of modern methods and technology such as high yielding variety (HYV) seeds, tractors, irrigation facilities, pesticides, fertilizers was part of the larger Green revolution started by Norman Borlaug, .

Essay on india the land of festivals

Essay on Festivals of India Essays Santosh Kumar • June 7, • No Comments • India is a land of mixed culture and hence there are numerable festivals in India.

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