Essay on our school peon

He belongs to a village. He is strong and well-built. He is of middle age, but he is active and smart. Kailash is simple, truthful and honest.

Essay on our school peon

He is a pleasant person to talk to and a kind man to help the students. He is a resident of Swat and had collie to our city to seek some job lie was employed by our school as a peon. Sakhi Jan is always present at the school in his Khaki uniform when we arrive there. He has seen thousand of students coining in and leaving the school.

He remembers the names of some of them and tells us interesting tales of their activities, their jokes and funs. To him every student is his son and he treats them with the love and affection of a father.

Sakhi Jan has many jobs to perform. He comes to the school an hour before the school begins and cleans the table, chair and the almirah of the Head Master. He then goes to the office room and cleans the chairs and tables of the head clerk and other clerks. After that lie fills the water cooler of the Head Master and taking the attendance registers lie goes to the staff room and places them there for the use of class teachers.

Essay on our school peon

As soon as it strikes eight, Sakhi Jan takes up his small wooden hammer and strikes the bell hanging before the office. It is an announcement that it has struck eight and students should assemble in the playground for prayer. It is also his duty to ring the bell at the end of each period.

We love to listen to the bell announcing the beginning of recess and the end of the teaching day. Sakhi Jan has to do other jobs also. He circulates important notices and orders from the Head Master to every class.

He is, sometimes, asked to go to the bank for depositing or withdrawing money. Sometimes, he has to fetch tea or soil drinks for the Head Master or his visitors, He also goes to a teacher and tells him that the Head Master wants to see him. Sakhi Jan lives in a small room provided by the School.

He cooks his own food and enjoys doing work. He is always punctual and never absents himself from his duty provided he is not too ill to walk.Essay immigration law introduction essay on my university xavier university?

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Essay on our school peon

The School Peon is different in nature from the Peons of all other offices. The Peons of all other offices are very rude and proud. Essay on The School Peon. Article shared by. We altogether forget him as we forget the humble things of our life and environment. Related Articles: Write an essay on your school ; Essay on an Historical Place.

Mr. Ramu is our school peon. He has been serving the school most faithfully for the last thirty five years. He is as old as the school.

He has seen two generations of students. Mr. Santosh Chand is our school peon. He is a middle-aged man. He is a model of simplicity and obedience and self-effacement. He gets up early in the morning and starts working.

He does whatever he can for the school. He lives in the quarters allotted to him by the school authorities. These quarters lie [ ]. Nov 24,  · Foster care research paper adefovir dipivoxil synthesis essay duncker hublot kosten dissertation help.

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