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From Manager Weekly, OctoberGood stuff cover reads: Recently, PM Prayut, who used to refuse to join social media, has actively participated to gain support from the public in the coming election.

On the other hand, Gen. Apirat, who is staying away from all social media, seems to cut a more dignified figure at least on this cover. It shows that Prayuth is not reduced to a common politician while Gen. Apirat is Good stuff the realm of officialdom.

When the war ends, kill the knights.

Good stuff

Some have been exiled and suffered from serious illness, such as Wisa Khanthab leftJaran Ditapichai 2nd from left with black hairSomsak Jeamteerasakul middle front and Apiwan Wiriyachi who died in the Philippines, third from the left in the back.

Jatuporn Promphan right already served a jail term and have been released. However, their often revolutionary rhetoric along with the extreme outcomes of the protests including sieges of Bangkok in and means that mainstream politicians have distanced themselves from these men who are seen as paid political agitators.

Now it seems that political groupings are accepting the new reality of politics under the thumb of a military untied in preventing Thaksin bids for amnesty to paralyze the country again. As their political protection and finances dwindle, these men may face, not only legal problems, but violent reprisals over the many contentious acts and speeches they were involved in during past times of protest.

The article expresses concern over the money made from this movie and that it should be divided fairly. Welcome to Cyberism The saying behind: I open my personal Facebook account to be another channel to communicate about the policy and work as well as to interface with the public easier.

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Prayut Chan-ocha [PM Prayut recently joined social media with the aim to promote his activities and gain support from the public.

This can be dilemma for him as he cannot then avoid comments from critics of anti-junta groups. Set a flag for the future. Biographical book Thanathorn Juanroongruangkit On the book: Set a flag for [yellow] the future [Refers to the release of the biography Future Forward Party founder Thanathorn Juanroongruangkit.

He announced that he would fight against the dictatorship and bring the country back to democracy. Such biographies, always lauding their subject, are common as political figures seek to build their reputations. It was recently suspected that Panthongtae would be maneuvered into being the next head of the Pheu Thai as it is critical for a Thaksin family member head it.

Thus, the legal cases hounding Panthongtae are a complicating factor for Pheu Thai Party leadership. Now, with elections coming, PM Prayuth joined social media with the aim to promote his activities and gain support from the public.Eat Good.

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