It does no good to be


It does no good to be

The United States, self-billed as the greatest country in the world, is lead by Donald Trump, a man whose shown no interest in public service but instead largely used his time to-date for his own self-interest.

We could have just as easily elected Pat Sajak. So how did we get here? I think every American needs to ask themselves this question: Why is it that no one good is running for President of the United States? Her biggest individual claim to fame, politically speaking, seemed to be losing to Barack Obama in Bernie Sanders who literally had one speech.

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It was a good speech. But man, you need to change it up a bit from time-to-time. The Republicans offered up: Donald Trump, whose biggest political qualifications seemed to be purveying in conspiracy theories and getting made fun of at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

And about 12 other current or former Republican governors with no discernible difference. On stage they looked like the last 12 dudes to get picked on the church basketball league. With eight years to prepare the Democrats top choice was their 2 choice in ? No one better emerged?

Joe Biden could have been President but he said no. Paul Ryan could have been President but he said no. And it begs the question: Why does no one seem to want it? Why do emerging politicians stop themselves from moving up the ranks? I think it speaks to two fundamental problems with our system right now: The election cycle is too long.

Why does no one good want to be President of the United States? - Adam McLane

Not very many highly driven people really want to campaign for nearly 2 years for an opportunity at a 4-year job. If we shortened this down to 6 months I think better people would run.

It does no good to be

The scrutiny is inhumane. It takes a certain type of person to be willing to put your family and yourself under that microscope. If I were President my family would live at Camp David.

Leave me a comment.2 Replies to “Why does no one good want to be President of the United States?” Albert Algera says: May 15, at am.

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Totally agree. Who wants to put themselves through so much abuse. But I digress – the question is “Why does no one good want to be President of the United States?” And the answer is – “I have not a.

An area’s weather does not change very much and an area’s climate changes many times. d. d. Weather is the area’s day-to-day conditions and climate is the area’s average conditions. Define no-good. no-good synonyms, no-good pronunciation, no-good translation, English dictionary definition of no-good.

adj. Having no value, use, merit, or virtue.

It does no good to be

n. May 27,  · no good deed goes unpunished Beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility.

Can we be Good Without God? It just sounds so good, so right. It can be interpreted a couple of different ways.
No-good Synonyms, No-good Antonyms | What have you been thinking about? No Good Theism and naturalism are contrasted with respect to furnishing an adequate foundation for the moral life.
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So… how did we get here?


If they are appreciated, they often lead to . Sep 18,  · No, Socialists, The Good Of The Many Does Not Outweigh The Good Of The Few - Daniel J. McLaughlin: That the good of the many outweighs the good of/18/ AM EST.

So how did we get here?

To not improve (something) or have no beneficial effect. You can get mad at me if you like, but it will do no good. Unfortunately, it seems the .

No-good - definition of no-good by The Free Dictionary