Jc premiere business presentation tagalog funny

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Jc premiere business presentation tagalog funny

Coching, which was reissued by Atlas Publications back in Combined with the Filipino Invasion panel from SDCC mp3 hereI started wondering how Filipino komiks impacted and was impacted by local culture and history. I'm still a novice when it comes to Filipino comics, to be honest, but I found certain connections fascinating, so I'm going to try outlining them here.

I hope that anyone who spots mistakes in this article will feel free to correct me. The first Filipino komik, as the Comics Cube! In summary, Jose Rizal, our national hero who fought against the Spanish oppressors of the time, crafted a tale about how a turtle outwits a monkey, even though he still loses the prize they fight for.

The only thing the monkey loses is face — and this is important. At the time heck, even now, I'd saybeing oppressed by a bunch of foreigners leaves the locals really with very little apart from their dignity and their sense of humor.

The prideful tyrants during the time of colonial rule really placed a lot of stock in their demeanor, so to embarrass them, even in the face of defeat, is considered a victory by the little guys. Jose Rizal, the Philippines' national hero, and also our first komikero.

That was, and the first instance of words and pictures being used in sequence in the Philippines that has been recorded. It does seem to offer some social and political commentary by way of a fable. Fast forward toand the Spaniards have been driven out by Americans right after the Spanish-American War.

Most history books will mention this war but never mention the Philippines, but yes, we were involved and we became an American territory right after.

jc premiere business presentation tagalog funny

It makes sense that we got a lot of stuff from American culture then, including commercial comic strips. Kenkoy is a pop icon, and was our first recurring comic character.

He was a satirical portrait of a Filipino always trying to keep up with the Americans, going with the latest fashions, slang, and all the other aspects of American culture that were working their way into our society at the time. This started his version of pidgin English.

Just note some of his dialogue in that example up there — "Is beri nesesari This kind of language mixing and mangling has stuck with us since then and can be seen even in the titles of our comedy shows Show Me Da Manny starring Manny Pacquiao, for instance.

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The new breed of Filipino komiks showcased a lot of American influence, from characters such as the detective D. Trece I'll let you figure out the American comic he was based on to Mars Ravelo's characters, the most notable of which is Darna.


She's our premiere superhero, and she's a little girl named Narda who swallows a magic stone, enabling her to switch to the superpowered form of Darna. You can read her origin here.Home - Welcome to tranceformingnlp.com - tranceformingnlp.com's start experience including trending news, entertainment, sports, videos, personalized content, web searches, and much more.

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jc premiere business presentation tagalog funny

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