Math 208 final exam

The course will give major exposure to the tools and information available and necessary for acquiring employment.

Math 208 final exam

If you have an extreme circumstance, you may request an NTS extension or a partial refund of your examination fees under specific circumstances utilizing the Exception to Policy Form.

Transcripts If you have completed all educational requirements at the time of application: You must submit an official transcript from each school you attended. Transfer credits are not acceptable; you must submit a transcript from each institution.

Math 208 final exam

The degree you have earned must be posted on your official transcript. Transcripts may be submitted electronically provided they are official. Some schools do not offer this service. If an email address is required for electronic delivery, use etranscript nasba.

Electronically delivered transcripts must be submitted directly from the institution s.

Elimination of Defenses to Deportation

Photocopies of transcripts are not official and cannot be accepted. If required documentation is not received within 45 days of the submission date of your application, your application will be marked as incomplete and will not be processed further.

Failure to submit all required supporting documents will result in the denial of your application, forfeiture of your application fee, and the secure destruction of all documents submitted. If you have not yet applied when you submit your transcripts, your education documents will be kept on file for one year.

After that time, the documents will be destroyed, and you will need to resubmit new education documents when you apply. If you completed courses at a campus located outside the U. Transcripts issued by the registrar for the campus located outside the U.

If you are currently enrolled in college at the time of application, you must: This form is evidence that you are currently enrolled and that all courses and degree requirements will be completed by the date indicated on the form.

The form must be signed by the designee listed. The official transcript s and Certificate of Enrollment Form must be received directly from the academic institution s. After all educational requirements have been met, you must: The final official transcript must display satisfactory completion of all courses and the degree graduation date.

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The official transcript must be received directly from the academic institution s. If you are qualifying based on one year of public accounting experience, you must: This verifies at least one year of public accounting experience under the direct supervision of a United States CPA.

If the supervising CPA is licensed in Alaska, this form is not required. If you have completed educational requirements at institutions outside the U.

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MATH - Winter Page 2 Calculators: Only calculators approved by the Department (with a sticker attached as proof of approval) are permitted in the class test and final examination.

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