Thinking before you start inking essay

Feels so long ago I made copies of this page in process so I could show people how I draw my comic from initial thumbnail script to final inks. The Birth of a New Comic:

Thinking before you start inking essay

BajaB Luckily, lazy came up in Petunia's tirades slightly more often than freak, otherwise, this could have been a very different story. Not your usual Hufflepuff!

Magic School, Harry decided after a few days, was a lot more work than its Muggle equivalent. Rubbing blood back into his cramping hand, Harry cast a look around the rest of class, and realised almost everybody else was also straining to keep going, so at least his misery wasn't lacking company.

Writing, with a stupid feather and ink, was a pain, literally. Even the practical sessions where they finally got to perform magic, as opposed to just hearing about it, usually resulted in the production of reams of meandering, ink-blotched parchment as homework.

Thinking before you start inking essay

At this rate, the accumulated daily note taking alone will rival the size of his text books before the year was out. With barely any experience in writing with a Muggle pen or pencil, thanks to Petunia's skill at spreading a vicious rumour regarding his tendency to stab people with anything even slightly sharp, Harry found it doubly difficult to keep up.

His personal shorthand was more suited to crayons, and didn't adapt well to quills or the subjects he was now studying. Hufflepuff classmates would often share their notes in the common room each evening, but everybody's notes lost coherence towards the end of each class, and the final class of the day was often a total loss, especially if it was History of Magic.

Somebody made the suggestion they break up the note taking into sections, with a few people assigned to only start taking notes after the halfway mark. Nobody else thought it was a good idea to completely rely on another person's notes, and you could never be sure exactly how long the theory part was going to last to be able to pick the middle anyway.

He wanted a tape recorder, or the magical equivalent - something that could record everything the teachers said, that he could then later use to catch up. Better yet, he needed a magical quill that could write things for him. Surely somebody in the wizarding world had thought of this.

All he needed to do was find out how to make one. Or find somebody who would make one for him. Come to think of it, there was probably dozens of labour-saving devices available in Diagon Alley, self stirring cauldron's not being the least of them.

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He thought it was fairly unlikely witches and wizards would travel from all over the country to London just to do a bit of shopping, so there had to be either a local shop, or a way to order things, like a mail-order system.

All Harry really needed was a catalogue, and then life was going to get much easier, otherwise the magical world was about to have some new inventions thrust upon it. In his very first Transfiguration class, Harry's eyes glazed over as the implications of seeing the stern professor turn into a cat sunk in.

Like batty old Mrs Figg's cats.

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Creatures that made an art form of lazing around all day getting fed and pampered without having to do a single thing in return. Harry sat looking between his notes, his wand, and the matchstick sitting on the desk. While there was an obvious correlation to the theory and explanation of the spell in his newly written notes, he honestly could not see a single thing there to help with the casting of the spell.

Everybody else was busy waving their wands around and trying various versions of the pronunciation of the words given, but Harry sat still and concentrated on recalling exactly what the professor did to make the magic happen. It seemed all too simple when she showed them, but when it came time to do it himself, he realised exactly how much he had missed.

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Harry watched closely, and nodded to himself in satisfaction when she was done. Harry concentrated and made his first attempt. A shiny needle, nowhere near as perfect as the one produced by the Professor, but still recognisable, lay on the desk in front of him.

Now try to change it back into a matchstick. Or was it Zeck Smith? He just couldn't seem to get up enough energy to keep all their names straight.

I just copied her," Harry answered. Here, have another go and I'll tell you if I spot what's going wrong when you try. Harry smiled and began helping his classmate, not at all feeling guilty about using the excuse to avoid having to repeat doing the exercise himself again and again while the others caught up.

Just because he wasn't letting himself get confused by mixing up theory and practice, and knew to concentrate on just doing exactly what was needed, it didn't mean he wanted to repeat it multiple times if he could avoid it. Not when it was something as useless as making needles that could be bought by the dozens for a few Sickles.

Charms held a very special place in Harry's heart. Not only was the teacher amiable and fun, he had a real enthusiasm for the subject that would have penetrated even Harry's normal apathy, had it been present.

As it was, learning that his mother was once a bit of a deft hand in the subject just added fuel to the fire of interest he already had.

It's safe to say, Mister Potter, there is probably a charm for every everyday situation you can imagine, and many you can't!

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He really loved Charms.As Christensen saw it, the problem was the velocity of history, and it wasn’t so much a problem as a missed opportunity, like a plane that takes off without you, except that you didn’t even. Yea, that’s all bad stuff, in fact it’s terrible, and although you may not be doing any of those things, the words you say to the people around you are just as powerful as any of those things because your words can take a life.

Thinking Before You Start Inking Essay - The lives of average teenagers are filled with perceived angst, usually due to the pressure to conform by society, and more and more of them are trying to claim independence by permanently marking their skin.

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The inking might be rushed, but not my thinking about it. I request that editors give me work far in advance so that I’ll have ample time to read it, to understand what the story’s about, so that I know how I might contribute something to the storytelling qualities, and then I decide what I’m going to do on the job before I start to work.

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