What dance means to me

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What dance means to me


This is a good video to get you on the dance floor dancing the Country Two Step! View the How To lesson that goes with this video.

What dance means to me

This was Vivian's first night to do the blues dance. Intro to Slow Blues dancing by Michael Thomas. Blues dancing is one of my favorites along with WCS.

If your a new dancer, don't be intimidated by these videos. My dance style is different and creative in some cases depending on who I'm dancing with.

The video was taken by my son. This was a social dance and around the 3rd time we had danced together over 3 nights. I wanted to get a last minute video of us dancing before the event was over.

My son took this video while I was having fun trying to dance with 2 ladies at one time. I didn't know the dance was being video taped. This rumba was not choreographed — just lead follow. A great dancer had asked him to dance so I quickly got my camcorder out while they were dancing.

I was sitting to close to get a good video of the dance and I was talking with another dancer. Stephen had done WCS about 3 times about a year ago and this was his 3rd night dancing this year so he is a beginner for sure but I was amazed at the creativity he has in his WCS dance.

Shortly after this dance my son took a video of me dancing with this same dancer. This video was taken after the dance lesson and is the dance the plan to do at the wedding reception. Both had no couples dance lessons prior to this 2 hour lesson.

On April 28, they took the 2 hr private dance lesson with Michael Thomas and then recorded this dance for the Romantic Rumba package.

Both had no prior dance experience. Cartersville Dance Whitewater rafting Raw File: Video created by Michael Thomas. Listen closely to hear the baby's high tone talk and then the mama's low tone talk.

There was 3 whales: The nurse whale is a male or female whale who's job is to keep the baby safe from predators. You'll also see the baby whale jump several times. At the end I included several pictures also. I was on a Shore Excursion with my mom to 2 beaches with possible whale watching.

Northern Stars Dance Competition

This was the first time our guide had ever heard the whales talk in the 3 years of guiding the tours.DanceX is a fun total body dance workout with hot music tracks form around the world.

It's suitable for everyone even those with two left feet. From the dancers, choreographers, technical crew, FOH helpers, and committee members, we'd like to say: Though we had long nights of planning, organising and rehearsals amidst a difficult year for most of our cast members, our hearts are feeling immensely full from all the love and support that everyone has given to us over the three nights.

The Dance Feed. What does dance mean to you? - Aldraine Libao. 1. What does dance mean to you?

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Being part of a dance team taught me the importance of cooperation, commitment, and humbleness. Dancing has also taught me to never stop learning and that there is always room for growth and improvement.

I have also used dancing as a . A web notebook of the history and glossary of tap dance, including names of steps and combinations, and descriptions of the movements associated with tapping. What does Dance mean to me?

How can one clearly explain what dance is? To many, it may simply be movements to the sounds of music but for me, it extends to more than just that.

It plays the role of a means of escape, an art form that the human body engages in.

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“Dance to me, is the best time of the day. It is time to be with some of my best friends and also a great way to exercise. It’s something I never want to stop. When I was first starting dance, I thought dance was dance.

But now its so much.

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