Writing a letter to frederick douglass

Frank Schaeffer is a New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books. Douglass, I write to you as a white man from a future that is the answer to your prayers, a vindication of your dreams and a reward for your suffering.

Writing a letter to frederick douglass

This encounter led to a long partnership between Douglass and the Anti-Slavery Society. Garrison recalls immediately recruiting Douglass as an anti--slavery promoter to aid the abolitionist cause and to make American audiences question their prejudice against blacks.

Since Garrison recruited him, Douglass has been a successful and persuasive speaker. Garrison argues that any race would have become as degraded as the Negro race, had they been subjected to slavery. He relates the case of a shipwrecked white man who was kept in slavery in Africa for three years.

When the man was found, he was unable to remember his native language and his powers of reason. Thus mental deterioration is a result of slavery, not a preexisting quality of the slave population. Garrison asks rhetorically how the practice of slavery, revealed to be evil, can be allowed to continue.

He deplores the skeptics who refuse to believe in the brutality of the institution of slavery even when faced with evidence of its deprivation, physical cruelty, and sexual abuse. He anticipates that such skeptics will attempt to discredit Douglass, but will inevitably fail in the face of the candid truthfulness of the Narrative.

Garrison discusses the troubling issue of white men killing slaves and suffering no consequences.

Frederick Douglass - HISTORY

Douglass cites two cases of this in his Narrative, and Garrison points to another recent case in Maryland. Garrison reminds readers that this kind of murder happens frequently and goes unpunished, as black men and women are not allowed to testify against whites.

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Certified Educator It is important, too, to acknowledge the structure of the narrative. It begins with a preface, written by William Lloyd Garrison, a well-known Massachusetts abolitionist, publisher of The Liberator, an anti-slavery newspaper, and a friend and associate of Douglass.
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Frederick Douglass It has required tremendous sacrifice, but today our people have reached the pinnacle in all facets of American society.

Garrison exhorts readers to repudiate slaveholders and join in support of the victims of slavery, as this is the side of God and faith. Phillips is relieved that factual accounts of the experiences of slaves are now being published so that the history of slavery can be fully revealed.

Previously the histories of slavery consisted only of the selective information released by slaveholders.

writing a letter to frederick douglass

The particular instances of cruelty that Douglass experienced and witnessed are not anomalies, but fundamental parts of the institution of slavery.

Phillips fears for Douglass, who has written the true names of himself and his masters and has thus put himself in danger of recapture. Phillips draws a parallel between Douglass and the fathers of the Declaration of Independence who jeopardized their lives by signing their names.

Phillips knows that Douglass will be shielded by those abolitionists in the North who deliberately scorn the Fugitive Slave Laws, but this gesture is not enough. Massachusetts must soon explicitly declare itself an asylum for fugitive slaves.Letter to Mother--Pretend to be Douglass in , having escaped from slavery, and write a letter to your mother.


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Twilight Zone Assignment--Write a letter to Douglass indicating your reactions to the Narrative, but crisscross between the past and the present.

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.

Written by Himself by Frederick Douglass, ; The Heroic Slave. From Autographs for Freedom, Ed. Julia Griffiths by Frederick Douglass, ; Uncle Tom's Companions: Or, Facts Stranger Than Fiction.

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writing a letter to frederick douglass

Frederick Douglass Glasgow (Scotland) April I6, To William Lloyd Garrison. My dear friend: I have given up the field of public letter-writing to my friend Buffum, who will tell you how we are getting on; but I cannot refrain from sending you a line, as a mere private correspondent. Frederick Douglass Edinburgh, Scotland 30th July To William A.

White. My Dear William: I dreamed last night that you would not be angry at receiving a letter from your friend Frederick Douglass.

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